U.S Uncirculated Set

The Uncirculated Sets, or Mint Sets, contain specimens of coins that are typically minted for general circulation. The first such sets were sold in 1947 in cardboard panels with two coins for each issue, thus showing the obverse and reverse of each one. Such sets were, with the exception of 1950, annually produced through 1958. In 1959 a plastic soft pack of single coins was sold and these were annually offered through 1964. In 1965-1967 “special mint sets”, a higher level of uncirculated coins, replaced both mint and proof sets. With the exception of 1982-1983, mint sets have been issued every year since 1968. (For 1982 and 1983 collectors sometimes buy the annual “souvenir sets” struck by the Philadelphia and Denver mints, which are very similar to the official Treasury-issued mint sets.

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