Fancy larimar is a term that we at Amber International gave to all of the different types of Pectoltes colors and minerals that come out of the Larimar Mine in the Dominican Republic. We are always in search for the rare and the beautiful, in doing so we have given each individual new find a name, Some of the fancy are extremely rare, even more rare than the Larimar AAA1. This New finds are being trademark by us for all to enjoy and own. All of the rare and unusual larimar falls under the umbrella of Fancy Larimar.


Dakota Jade Heart
Dakota Jade Sphere
Dakoda Jade Moon

Dakota Jade Larimar Is the Number one of the rarest larimar List to date. This is truly a new find. The Dakota Jade Larimar IS NOT JADE but a rare Pectolite. The stunning Burgundy color with it’s amazing crimson color and other shades reds makes the Dakota Jade a unique and rare specimen. Red Pectolite is  common but when is shared with all of this stunning color which also may include pink and purple, orange, blue and green makes it a extremely rare find. Only one 18 pound rock of Dakota Jade has been found Thus far. On December 10 2021 on the CEO’s wife’s birthdate. Marcelo (CEO) was in the United States at the time when he received a call at 1:00 pm from his manager in Barahona D.R. Davidannia stated she was searching through a pile of rejected rocks from the larimar mine when she came across a dark tube shape rock with red dots. This tube is now known as Dakota Jade. With a few other rocks that Davidannia found in the pile, she and the owner of the rocks began to negotiate the price for the group rocks, he wanted 4000 pesos and Davidannia wanted to pay 1500 pesos, at the end both Davidannia and the seller agreed on a price 2022 pesos because of the year we are in. Dakota Jade Larimar was named after Marcelo’s Daughter who was born on January 18, 2022.

Elements: Fe Iron, Ti Titanium, Mn Manganese, Ba Barium, Mo Molybdenum, Nb Niobium, Ni Nickel, Ta Tantalum, Zr Zirconium, Sr Strontium, Hf Hafnium

Cello larimar-greenish-yellow-rare

Cello Larimar This beautiful Greenish Yellow and rare color just became number two to the rare Larimar ranking List. The stunning Dakota Jade Larimar became number one. The Cello is another rare color of Pectolite, only one tube of 12 pounds has been found to date. Although traces of Cello has been found with in other Fancy larimar, barely enough to get one or two small cabochons. The Cello primary colors are greenish yellow, it can have any multitude of colors as long as the main Greenish-Yellow dominates the surface.

The Cello was found in the upper section of the Larimar Mine called Bahoruco, the Cello tube was mixed with other fancy Larimar tubes when it was purchased from a local miner. At first glance the crust resembled like any other fancy Larimar with its dark grey crust and a hint of white color. The Cello Larimar is harder than all the others Larimar including Fancy and it gives an amazing shine when is polished.

Elements: Fe Iron, Ti Titanium, Mn Manganese, Ba Barium, Mo Molybdenum, Nb Niobium, Ni Nickel, Ta Tantalum, Zr Zirconium, Sr Strontium, Hf Hafnium

Expresso Larimar This combination of Pectolite colors makes the Expresso and stunning piece combine with its rarity. The Expresso has a combination of Cello, Double Expresso and white Pectolite that can possibly be the rare. I’m not calling it the rarest #1 yet, only time will tell. The Expresso Larimar was found with the first tube of Double Expresso. One end was the Expresso and on the opposite was the Double Expresso larimar.

Elements: Fe Iron, Mn Manganese, Sr Strontium, Mo Molybdenum, Ba Barium, Nb Niobium

Double Expresso Heart
Double Expresso Heart
Double Expresso Sphere

Double Expresso Larimar This amazing Brown color Pectolite resembles brown agate, The Double Expresso is also a very rare type of Pectolite. This type of Pectolite came in a nice form tube that resembles a small tree stump. The 9 inch high 8 pound rock was divided into two sections, one end of the tube was brown with some white spots or veins with we call Double Expresso, the opposite end of the tube was even nicer it had a mixture of Cello with white Pectolite and brown spots. We call it the Expresso. The Double Expresso is extremely popular specially in cabochon hearts.

Elements: Fe Iron, Cu Copper, Cd Cadmium, Pd  Paladium, ALSO FOUND Ti Titanium, Zn Zinc, Mn Maganese, Rh Rhodium

Van Gogh

Van Gogh Larimar is Also rarer than the AAA1 Larimar, This colorful Pectolite is found deep in the veins of the  Larimar mine in Bahoruco Dominican Republic. Van Gogh is a combination of different color of Pectilite that formed together for million of years. The black mineral in the Van Gogh is Morimotoite.

Van Gogh Larimar must have blue larimar and four additional colors. including red, green, black, grey. Although some Van Gogh does have more than 5 colors it only increases the value and beauty of the stone. The Stone also must resemble a painting. The Van Gogh Larimar is not necessarily rare when it comes out of the ground. A raw piece of Fancy larimar can have all of the colors that required to be a Van Gogh. The secret is in the production. It becomes rare when the lapidarist cuts the stone and is able to capture all of the colors on one sphere or cabochon. The smaller the sphere or cabochon the harder it is to make a Van Gogh.

Elements:  Fe Iron, Ti Titanium, Sr Strontium, Mn Manganese, Ba Barium, Mo Molybdenum, Nb Niobium, Ni Nickel, Hf Hafnium, Zr Zirconium

Angel Palm Stone

Angel Larimar has AAA-AA+ blue with dark grey or black veins or patterns through out the specimen.  Some of this pattern are found as a whole specimen with its beautiful colors and designs, but most of the time is found at the edges of a rough larimar rock. Spheres of this pattern are very difficult to make due to the thinnest of the pattern that blends into the Larimar.

Elements: Fe Iron, Ti Titanium, Mn Manganese, Cu Copper, Zn Zinc, Co Cobalt

Fancy Tan

Fancy Larimar although no official name has been given to this style of Pectolite, the beautiful soft tan color is eye catching. Most of the Fancy larimar seemed to have a significant pattern that resembles petrified wood or some sort of petrified plant.

Petrified Palm

Black Larimar  In reality this is not Larimar or pectolite, This mineral is a mixture of Calcite and Morimotoite which could be classified as petrified palm. This specific mineral is mostly found in the upper layer of the larimar vein which the miners called it cenizas (ashes). It’s form in a nice formed tube with a greenish crust or layer. There are a few Variation of this type of fancy including some that have larimar and other color of Pectolites.

Elements: Fe Iron, Ti Titanium, Sr Strontium, Mn Manganese, V Vanadium, Ba Barium, Mo Molybdenum, Nb Niobium, Zr Zirconium, Hf Hafnium

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