Blue Dominican Amber Beads and Spheres

Amber is commonly polished into a free-form shape that follows the original shape of the rough. It might then be set into jewelry or drilled for stringing. Cutting styles for amber include beads, cabochons, and free-form polished pieces. Amber might be faceted, but this is rare.

Our selection of blue Dominican amber includes blue amber beads and spheres of varying sizes. Diameters range from 05mm up to 17mm and are available in multiple quality grades. The clearer the amber, the rarer the material, and thus the higher the grade. The Dominican Republic has the largest concentration of clear amber in the world, and as such, it’s widely prized for its quality and beauty. Amber International mines all our own amber, which supports our efforts in verifying the quality of our products and offering our customers products of impeccable integrity. View dozens of options from our blue Dominican amber below.

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