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van gogh larimar

January 11, 2020

Rare and exiting thins are coming out of our mine in Bahoruco Larimar Mine. Since December we are trademarking the Van Gogh Larimar name. A beautiful piece of Larimar that came out of our hole in the Dominican Republic, Although this form of Larimar has appeared in the past, no one has put much attention to the beauty and rarity of the rock. The patterns appears to be extremely rare and the beauty of the stone appears to be painted on.

Although most say that the red Larimar could be Pectolite, we are currently having the red, green and grey colors analyzed to determined what mineral it actually is.

To qualify for Van Gogh Larimar it has to have a minimum of four different mineral colors. This Larimar will come with a certificate of where or which part of the mine it came out off and the depth it was found.







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