Dominican Amber Bead Necklace


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Stunning Amber Necklace from the Dominican Republic. Choose from various sizes and styles.
Our Amber is authentic and never treated.

The Dominican Republic is one of the worlds main sources of authentic-Amber a fossilized resin from the tree Hymenaea Protera which became extinct about 25 millions years ago.
Amber is an organic gemstone, forming from the hardened resin of ancient pine trees. The hardening process of Amber is known as polymerization, which fossilizes the resin over many centuries and makes it hard and sturdy. Amber is formed from viscous, sticky resin, and therefore commonly contains inclusions that got stuck in the Amber and remained there when it hardened. These inclusions are usually of insects or plants, with the most well-known being mosquitoes. Amber with well-preserved organisms frozen internally


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