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Northwest Africa 869 Meteorite from the Sahara Desert.

Discovered: 2000 

Location: Sahara Desert 

Type: Stony Iron 

Classification: Ordinary chondrite (L4-6); W 1, S3. 

Weight: 3480 grams

Size: 235x188x51mm

Elements %: Fe-32.32, Ni-1.11, Mn-.83, Ti-.093, Cr-.074 Sr-.003, As-002

Testing: The sample was put through 3 test using the X-ray thermal XRF Analyzer to determine the sample Element composition.

History: It is quite clear that meteorite collectors in Northwest Africa have discovereda large L chondrite strewn field at an undisclosed location. At least 2 metric tons of material comprising thousands of individuals has been sold under the name NWA 869 in the market places of Morocco and around the world. Individual masses are known to range from <1 g to >20 kg. It is certain that NWA 869 is paired with other NWA meteorites, although no systematic survey has been done. It is also possible that some stones sold as NWA 869 are not part of the same fall, although dealers are confident that most of the known masses are sufficiently distinctive from other NWA meteorites in terms of surface and internal appearance that the error rate should be fairlylow. Scientists are advised to confirm the classification of any specimens they obtain before publishing results under this name.

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