Nantan Meteorite 35.8g


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The nantan meteorite is 1 of 119 approved meteorites classified as Iron, IAB-MG.

Weight: 35.8g


Abbreviation: None

Observed fall: No

Year found: 1958

Country: Nantan County, Guangxi, China.

Classification: Iron, IAB-MG (An association of iron meteorites, including the former groups IAB and IIICD. The new term “IAB complex” includes a variety of newly defined groups, including the “IAB main group”, grouplets, and ungrouped meteorites.)

The Nantan meteorite is an iron meteorite that belongs to the IAB group and the MG subgroup. In 2000, pieces of the meteorite were included in an art installation for The Bull Ring Shopping Centre in Birmingham, England. A plaque now commemorates the occasion.

The Nantan meteorite was classified as an IIICD in 2000, but was reclassified as an IAB-MG in 2006. 9,500 kilograms (20,900 lb) have been retrieved, the largest fragment having a mass of 2,000 kilograms (4,400 lb). Most fragments show strong signs of weathering, due to the long time it took to retrieve them. The meteoric iron has a Nickel concentration of 6.96%. (Wikipedia)




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