London Topaz Oval Cut 6.5 ct


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Type: London Topaz
Weight: 5.5 ct 1 gem on average
Shape: Oval
Size: 13.80 x 9.90 x 7 on average
Color: Deep Blue
Clarity: VVS
Treatment: Irradiated
Origin: Brazil

Blue is the most popular topaz color in today’s jewelry marketplace. It is sold in a broad range of blue colors, starting from a pale blue with a light tone and saturation, all the way to a deep blue with a moderate to dark tone and saturation.

Blue topaz is very attractive, inexpensive, and a favorite color of the jewelry customer. These characteristics drive the popularity of blue topaz.

Before 1970 most of the topaz in low to moderate price jewelry was yellow to brown in color. Natural topaz with an attractive blue color was rare and very expensive. As a result it was seldom seen in jewelry. Today’s blue topaz is a product of gem treatment.

Topaz Clarity

Topaz gemstones are considered to have high levels of clarity, most gemstones for sale are what we would call ‘eye clean’, that is any impurities or flaws (known as inclusions) are invisible to the naked eye. As it is a natural gemstone such inclusions certainly exist but would only be visible under magnification.

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