Lavander Jade and Green Demantoid Necklace Late 1600’s


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Sometimes referred to as lilac jade, lavender jade is a gorgeous, gentle purple stone that has been present since ancient civilizations roamed the Earth. As a result, many ponder the lavender jade meaning in Chinese, but, interestingly enough, purple jade is the only color jade that is not at all related to any meridians used in Chinese medicine. Instead, it’s related to what are known as “super meridians”.

Purple jade’s meaning differs slightly in another part of the world: Turkey. Turkish purple jade saw great popularity during the 80s, when tons of the mineral were exported to commercial markets. The commodity was sourced from the  one place in the world which  could produce this form of purple jade: Bursa, in Turkey.

To many, lavender jade is also considered to be an honorary birthstone. When it occurs in violet ray energy, jade is assigned to all who are born around the start of the near year, just after the winter solstice between December 21st and January 19th. Gifting jade to any individuals born between this time would be a worthwhile endeavor!

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