Larimar Rough Medium Size and Medium Grade


This is rough medium size larimar called “Maco”, this medium grade size Larimar is great for lapidary work with out the high cost of larger pieces of larimar. The larimar industry has four sizes of rock that is sold.

The first is “Repique” this material is the remains of the Larimar that’s cut into slices.

The second is “Chiri” These sizes are small, Chiri are the small pieces that are broken of a larger piece of Larimar while mining or small pieces found on the dirt.

The third is “Maco” this is a medium size Larimar, Maco are medium size pieces found while mining or larger than usual pieces that break off a large piece of Larimar.

The fourth is Larimar, although it’s all Larimar when the piece is large or has mass it’s just called Larimar. Larimar could be small piece of rock that have full mass.

Weight by Pound

1 Pound, 10 Pounds, 100 Pounds, 5 Pounds

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