Larimar Carbon Rough Specimen 492 grams SOLD


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This specimen comes from the same vain as the Larimar. The locals call it black Larimar, unfortunately is very brittles and hard to work with. Although is more scares than Larimar it has much less value than Larimar. We were able to get a few pieces, we worked it the same as the Larimar. As much as we tried we were unable to get the same shine and luster as Larimar.

Carbon: Polished Specimen                                                                            Weight: 492 grams
Size: 5 x 3 x 1.10 inches

Gemological Properties:
Chemical Formula: UNK
Crystal Structure: Unk
Color: Black, Green
Hardness: Typically 4.5 to 5
Refractive Index: NA
Density: 2.70 – 2.90
Cleavage: NA
Transparency: Opaque
Double Refraction or Birefringence:NA
Luster: Silky
Fluorescence: Weak: Red


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