Latimar Bracelet With Caoba Centenaria Wood


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This Beautiful bracelet has beauty and style. We used Dominican Caoba Tree witch is the national tree of the Dominican Republic and the beautiful and one of the most rarest stone on earth Larimar. Killing and damaging Caoba trees is prohibited in the Dominican republic, we purchased old furniture to create our beads. We have estimated the Beads to be 50 years of age by the color and hardness and history of the wood from where it was made.

Here At Amber International we hand make our beads using local talent. Then we polish them and use clear acrylic coating so they stay beautiful and last for a long time.

We carry numerous sizes and styles.

Mahogany is a straight-grained, reddish-brown timber of three tropical hardwood species of the genus Swietenia, indigenous to the Americas[1] and part of the pantropical chinaberry family, Meliaceae.

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