Dominican Amber Raw 150g Bag


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Dominican Raw amber 150 gram bag has both green and yellow amber, this amber has not been clean, your are getting the Amber as it cames out of the mine. This raw Amber has a strong possibility of having some of lots of fossils. The size of amber in the bag are between 1/4 to 1.5 inches. Size may vary a bit smaller or larger.

Dominican Amber is 20 to 23 Million Years Old: Found in sand and claystones of the Northern and Eastern Mountain Ranges at elevations between 500 and 1,200 metres Age: 23-20 Ma. (Early Mioceneperiod) Mother-plant: the Hymenaea tree Colours: yellow, red, green, sometimes blue shades, 90% is trasparent amber Inclusions: many inclusions, fauna and flora reflect a dry tropical climate with many groups of organisms Special characteristics: There exist single amber lumps with an amazing number of inclusions, pieces with 10-50 ants or flies are not rare, but also such with 500-1000 occur. An unusally fluorescent variety which occurs only in limited areas is called blue amber.

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