Dominican Amber Pendant with Etched Two Koi Fish



This beautiful Amber pendant is hand etched from behind by one of our artist. This Oval Amber masterpiece has an image of two Koi fish.

 Dominican Green Amber 

 Weight: 28.8 grams  

Size: 2.50 (w/ Bail 2.75″) x 2 x .50 inches

Clarity Grade: AA

Color Grade: AAA                                                                          

Koi fish Facts

Koi fish is domesticated version of common carp. This fish is most famous by its beautiful colors that have been created via selective breeding. There are over 20 different varieties of koi fish that differ in color, patterns and type of scales. Koi fish originates from Eastern Asia. This fish lives in fresh waters. Thanks to its beauty and increased popularity in the past century, koi fish can be found in the ponds throughout the world. Since koi fish is numerous and kept in private aquacultures, it is not on the list of endangered species.




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