Black larimar slices Type C 468g


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Beautiful 468 grams of Type C Black larimar end cut, polished on the face side only.

Black Larimar: In reality this is not Larimar, This mineral is a mixture of Calcite and Morimotoite which could be classified as petrified palm. This specific mineral is mostly found in the upper layer of the larimar vein which the miners called it cenizas (ashes). It’s shape as a nice formed tube with a greenish crust or layer. There are a few Variation of this type of fancy including some that have larimar and other color of Pectolites. Type C is the most common of this Black Larimar. Type B is much less common and it contains white Pectilite and a Jet black surface. This material has an extreme shiny surface when polished. We categorize the Black Larimar as a Fancy due to the fact that it comes out of the Larimar mine.

The Black Larimar is very popular with message therapy and it is believed to have muscle pain healing affects.

Elements: Fe Iron, Ti Titanium, Sr Strontium, Mn Manganese, V Vanadium, Ba Barium, Mo Molybdenum, Nb Niobium, Zr Zirconium, Hf Hafnium


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