Aletai Iron Meteorite 661 Grams


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Beautiful Aletai Iron Meteorite slab From Xinjiang China.

Elements: Fe-76.76, Ni-13.28, Co-.56, Ti-059,

Official name: Aletai (Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 105, 27 Nov 2016)
Synonymes: Armanty, Akebulake, Ulasitai, Wuxilike, Xinjiang (b), Xinjiang 008
Observed fall: no
Coordinates: 45°52’16″N, 90°30’17″E (these coordinates correspond to the corrected location at which the Armanty mass was discovered)
Approx. recovered weight: >50 t
Iron meteorite, IIIE

Chemical and petrographic analyses of multiple iron meteorite masses found in the northern part of Xinjiang, indicate pairing of these masses with the
Aramanty (IIIE) iron. All of these iron meteorites carry now the official name “Aletai”, from the name of the prefecture. The other names are now abolished and become synonyms for Aletai.

Aletai is an anomalous IIIE. It has the highest Au concentration (1.810-1.894 µg/g) in the group, and its Ir concentration (0.228-0.235 µg/g) is much higher than that inferred through the trend of the other group members.

Known masses of Aletai:
– Aramanty, 28 t, discovered in 1898 (45°52.272′, 90°30.279);
– Akebulake, 18 t, discovered in 2011 (48°6.25′, 88°16.57′);
– Wuxilike (was given the provisional name Xinjiang 008), 5 t (48°3.13′, 88°22.32′)
– Ulasitai, 0.43 t, discovered in 2004 (44°57’24”, 91°24’09”);
– Xinjiang (b), 35 kg, discovered in 2005 (47°58.7′, 88°13.1′);
– Unnamed, 15 kg, found in the Xiaodonggou region close to the place where Wuxilike and Akebulake were found.

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