7 Color Jade Vase 4×7″ O52D


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The 4W x 7H” 7 Color Jade Vase are unique, see the drop down menu to help you select the pattern you desire.

Each vase begins as a weathered stone with various veins of color. The stone is then cut into blocks to meet specified dimensions.
Each vase is hand carved on a lathe and the center is cored. Once carved, the vase is polished and glazed with an acrylic to enhance the shine, then heated to set the acrylic and enhance the stone’s natural color.

These 7 color jade vases contain a beautiful combination of veins including Serpentine jade and Actinolites. Each of these vases are truly one of a kind.

Stunning vases are made from one large block of jade. Colors come from heating and are completely natural! Each comes out looking like an impressionist painting filled with bright, stunning colors. This one is black, neon pink and yellow. Simply breathtaking.

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