22mm-25mm Blue Indonesia Amber Beads/Sphere


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22mm – 25mm AAA Color Indonesia Amber Beads, natural untreated Quality-D Color-A

Indonesia amber comes from the region of Sumatra, although Indonesia amber comes a several colors including brown, yellow, black, white and blue. Blue Indonesia amber is by far the most valuable and the most rare in the region. Indonesia amber is cloudy and comes with inclusions. Finding clear amber is extremely difficult, but it is out there.

Quality Grade (simple eye)

AAA- No Inclusions
AA- Minor Inclusion less 1% to 5% of the amber
A- Inclusion up-to 15% of the Amber
B- Heavy Included 16% to 50% of the Amber
C- Inclusion cover most of the Amber
D- Opaque

Color Grade
AAA- Gem Superb Color
AA- Strong Color
A- Main Color less dominant
This color grading is for Blue, Green, Red, Yellow Amber.



22mm, 23mm, 24mm, 25mm


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