09mm Blue Dominican Amber Beads/Sphere Grade YE/A/AAA


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SHADE YE, Clarity A, Color AAA Dominican Blue Amber 12mm Beads/Sphere. Dominican Blue Amber is the rarest in the world .01% of all Amber is Blue. Also .00001% of all blue amber is Clarity AAA Quality AAA. This Beautiful AA color is also highly sought out, its also very rare but easier to find and has a much lower price range.

Our Amber is top quality, natural and never treated. We have a simple and easy way to grade amber so you can get exactly what you purchased. Using this guide will assist you in buying the amber you desire and that fits your budget.  Please see all details before purchasing any amber and always do diligent research.

Quality Grade (simple eye)

100% Clarity is very rare, the larger the specimen the more difficult it is to find.

AAA- No Inclusions 5% of all amber in the world is AAA clarity.

AAB- Total Opaque even color through the Amber. This Amber is found in Sumatra and the Baltic.

AA- Inclusion up-to 15% of the Amber

A- Inclusion up-to 16% to 25% of the Amber.
B- Heavy Included 26% to 40% of the Amber.

C- Inclusion cover 41% to 60% of the Amber.

D- Extremely Included 61% to 99% of the Amber.

E- Solid. Mostly found in Sumatra.


Transparent amber is more valuable than cloudy material. An interesting plant or animal inclusion adds to the value of an amber specimen. Dominican Republic has the clearest amber in the world, Grading the clarity is quite a task,

Grading Amber

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