Galaxy Garnet

Galaxy Garnet is a formation of Garnets  over matrix composed of rare minerals such as Manganocummintonite, Albite, Ca-rich, and others. The matrix has many different colors from reddish brown, black, green and white. This Materias specimen is found in Gore Mountain in up-state New York.

Manganocummintonite – Originally named mangan-cummingtonite in 1966 by Hugo Strunz in allusion to its composition, containing MANGANese, and its relationship to cummingtonite.
In order to better distinguish between amphibole end-member member compositions, the CNMNC has decided to rename manganocummingtonite. In 2016 clino-suenoite was approved and now replaces manganocummingtonite.

Minerals: Manganocummingtonite ( Na , Ca )2 ( Mg , Mn , Fe )5 Si8 O22 ( O H )2

Albite, Ca-rich, ( Na , Ca )Al ( Si ,Al )3 O8

Elements: Fe Iron , Mn Manganese, Co Cobalt, Ti Titanium, Zn Zink, Ag Silver, Pd palladium



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